Parchment Tannery Dumas - Annonay

Since 1926, parchment is our family business.
Since 1926, three generations followed one another there: Marcel, the creator, settled down in an old weaving mill in the heart of Annonay, to make parchment. André, his son, became the only supplier of drums to the Republican Guard and invented the decorative skin in the 50s; Frédéric succeeds in 1986 and develops firstly the branch of decorative skins for the company, then emphasizes the manufacturing of quality parchments intended for art professions.
Since December, 2011, the Parchment Factory Dumas is registered on the inventory of rare art professions, and in December, 2013, it received the national label « Company of the Alive Heritage »

The know-how persists and deserves to be protected!
The job of parchment manufacturer becomes scarce, parchment factories can be counted on the fingers of one hand in France and only two in Europe. In 1999, to become known and promote this materiel, Frédéric Dumas has the idea of a the Museum Center of Parchment and Leather which opened its doors in June, 2010.